Civic Impact Report

Understand the civic impact of your university and get personalised insights into how you compare to other universities. Analysis designed in partnership with sector experts.

What we offer


  • In-depth report personalised to your university

  • Detailed comparisons with five other institutions of your choice

  • Video walkthroughs and social media packs

  • Briefing workshop with your senior team to summarise key insights.

Insights to shape strategy

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses in nine key areas of local and regional impact

  • See how you’ve performed over time for up to eight years, compared to your peers

  • Insights into how your activity ranks on a national and regional basis, to help shape your strategic planning

  • Analysis of your civic impact relative to the size of your university, and how this compares to your peers, and others regionally and nationally

  • Clear tables and figures with breakdowns for your university and your peers

  • Boost your promotional material and showcase your local impact

  • All analysis draws on the latest HESA and ONS data.

Areas covered

  • Regeneration projects

  • Support and services to SMEs and charities

  • Key workers (nurses, teachers, doctors)

  • CPD days, and income from CPD provision

  • New companies formed

  • Public collaborative research

  • Public events

  • Regional employment.

A report you’ll actually use

Uncover practical insights across multiple areas, and answer key questions:

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How has our CPD activity and income changed over the past 8 years? Have we kept pace with leading civic universities?

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How does our regeneration spend per student compare to [civic university we’d like to emulate]?

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How does our average yearly public funding for collaborative research with businesses and non-academic organisations compare to our neighbouring universities over time?

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How do we perform on civic impact metrics compared to universities nationally and in our region over the past 5 years?

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What proportion of the business support in our region have we delivered over the past 5 years? How much is this per resident?

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Where do we rank in our region, and the UK, for services provided to businesses and charities?

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How many key public sector workers, like nurses and teachers, have we trained? How does this contribution compare across the region?

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What are our core strengths and areas to improve?


Three easy steps

  1. Contact us, letting us know which five UK universities you’d like to include in your analysis (these can be anyone: peers, competitors, or neighbours).

  2. We’ll provide a full analysis, usually in about a week.

  3. We can also provide a video walkthrough and half-day briefing workshop with your team to share the top insights and shape your strategic planning.



  • In-depth report personalised to your university, with detailed comparisons with five other institutions of your choice, and national and regional analysis.

  • £1450


  • Detailed report, as per Core package.

  • One hour video walkthrough of the report, split into key sections, for watching on-demand by your team

  • Social media pack of the top takeaways from the report for use by your social media team.

  • £1950


  • Detailed report, one hour video walkthrough, and social media pack, as per Plus package.

  • Half day workshop session with your senior team to summarise key insights and help inform future activities and strategy.

  • £2750

Start today

Speak with us to learn more. Bespoke analysis available, including KEF cluster analysis. Email us today to order or ask any questions.


Open Impact is led by Dr. James Ransom and Dr. Richard Whittle, and supported by a team of experts working in UK higher education.

We’ve recently worked with Universities UK, Greater Manchester Universities and Yorkshire Universities on data-driven projects that help understand their impact and effectiveness.

Our work has been covered in the Telegraph and Wonkhe, and everywhere from Sunderland to Sussex, Durham to Dundee.

Open Impact Analytical Services Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, number 14694902. Our registered address is Top Floor, Raven House, 29 Linkfield Lane, Redhill, England, RH1 1SS.